Escort at a Glance


Escort Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş. is one of the leading technology provider companies of Turkey since 1991 in order to serve convenience technology solutions to our customers in Turkey and the world. We invest in companies which develop technology-based products, solutions and services and we support entrepreneurs.


To become a leader technology investment company in the information and communications technology industry which creates a difference with the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, sensitive to values of life and environment, targets to provide continuous satisfaction to all stakeholders.


  • • To provide permanent satisfaction to all stakeholders.
  • • To realize smart technology investments with the focus of sustainable growth, in order to provide solutions that can reach to widest number of consumers.
  • • To motivate the spirit of entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs.
  • • To respect ethical values and to act with social responsibility.

Our Values 

  • Entrepreneurship

    Our key principle is to protect and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in all of our present and future business areas. We know that properly planned initiatives will be our most important asset in future.

  • Innovation & Development

    We know that being open to new ideas, in order to achieve better results in all the activities which we perform in our business areas and also developing new business areas, will be for the benefit of us and all our stakeholders. That’s why we always aim to better.

  • Sustainability

    In all the work we perform we are focused on providing sustainable maximum benefits for our partners and society and we work as an environmentally friendly company.

  • Esteem & Reliance

    We give priority to respect for the individuals, environment and society in all our works and communications. We rely on each other's knowledge and skill while ensuring continuous reliance of our environment towards us.